Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Time to Get Real

I'm taking a financial class through my church. Those who are close to us know our financial situation isn't pretty, though there is light at the end of the tunnel. IF I can get a handle on my spending.

One of the questions posed by the teacher the first week has been running through my head. Very simply, she asked, "What do you value?"

I always say I value my family and God, but honestly, my spending habits have not reflected that, nor have my eating and exercise habits of late. I haven't been taking care of this gift of life that God has given me, nor have I been a good steward of all the wonderful gifts he's bestowed on us.

I am working on getting a handle on my spending, and one of the things I decided I didn't need to spend money on anymore was soda. I have been so horribly addicted to caffeine, it's ridiculous! I drank my last Pepsi on Saturday and decided not to spend more money on the evil stuff.

I know it's bad for my body, and I know being this heavy is not good for me either. And I know I'm never going to get healthy if I keep drinking soda, but no matter what anyone said, I kept going back to it. But the way this question was asked really has me reflecting on it. Every time I get in the car, I think, "What do you value, Stewbert?" It has me staying away from the soda and fast food for the most part (though race days make the fast food thing harder).

Day one was rough, but I handled it because we were so busy, we were out of Pepsi in the house, and it was Sunday so I wasn't going to go to the store. Day two was worse and I had to remind Runner Girl that I hadn't had a Pepsi and I needed her to chill. I got a headache that night. One Excedrin Tension kicked it. Day three was hilarious -- I got really hyper in the afternoon and could not stop, until I passed out when putting my son to bed last night and slept until 7:30 this morning. The only reason I got up was because The Rock turned on the bedroom lights so I could get up to take Runner Girl to school. Day four hasn't been as funny. The headache is back, worse, and noises are bothering me a lot. I tried having a nap with the babies, but it didn't work so well and Little Mister didn't get his normal nap either. I have hope, however, that things will ease up over the next few days.

So, friends, I am choosing to give up soda because it's not good for my waistline or my wallet. I have to get back to the gym and I KNOW that will be easier and more productive if I cut the soda. Runner Girl said I could go to the gym tonight. I just may.


steph k said...

do it! I burned 680 calories tonight and almost 1000 last night! I call it my therapy. :)

musicmom said...

WAY TO GO !!!! Esther, you are great. Just the attitude you have about it, focusing on what really is important, will get you through. I have heard the caffeine addiction is hard to break, but if you are already on day 5 you should be getting closer. Good luck!! You are an inspiration to me. love ya!

Jessica G. said...

That's a really good question to ask! And then to keep reminding yourself when temptation hits. Good for YOU!

EC12 said...

Esther, you are so awesome! Keep it up! I just started running again this week. I need to lose the Ella tire ;) Your blog inspires me!