Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Awesome Day!

I got a call from Runner Girl's coach on my way to practice today. They were doing intervals again, so I didn't absolutely have to be there. I went anyway since we were on the way and Little Mister had fallen asleep and would have FREAKED if we'd come home without Runner Girl!

Runner Girl said the most awesome thing Monday on the way to school. "I like cross country. I am getting faster!" And she proved it with her times today!

Intervals are just the kids running around the school's back field. Last time I heard Runner Girl's times they were almost 3 minutes. Her slowest today was 2 minutes even and her fastest was 1 minute 40 seconds. She is actually NOT the last kid in the pack anymore, though the ones slower than her are younger. And she's actually running most of it now, too!

Her first race is on Thursday. Wish her luck!