Monday, September 20, 2010

Oh Fiddlesticks, It's Monday!

At dinnertime last night, Kiddo realized we hadn't gone running over the weekend. so instead of eating dinner, we left and got our run on.

We drove over to my sister's neighborhood and ran on the trail in the park. Well. I walked. She ran. I did 4 laps and she did 6. Not quite the 3 miles that she is supposed to do, but better than nothing.

Then today at the practice, the coach informed me that Kiddo needs to do the race tomorrow. Apparently, they don't have enough girls on the team to qualify if she doesn't run, even if she goes over the 20 minutes. So we have to drive an hour to the race right after school tomorrow. Yay! She's excited.

Better go update our miles. It's been a while!


Kristina P. said...

You guys are awesome and dedicated!

kadyb said...

Good luck, Kiddo!!

Danielle said...

way to go Esther! Your commitment is SUCH a great example for Kiddo!