Thursday, September 9, 2010


It's Thursday and cross country doesn't go on Friday, so I'm off the hook tomorrow as far as helping with the kids goes.

Yesterday, they did interval training. We timed them running laps around the back of the school. Technically, I didn't help time. Another mom helps on Wednesdays, which is great! I just cheered on the kids in the back whom I'd met the day before. They are the only ones whose names I know. I also helped sort the extra uniforms they bought last year and the coach ordered the rest today.

Today, I woke up with a nasty cold and two sick and grouchy babies. Little Mister has been screaming at me much of the day and Bitty is grumpier than normal too. The Rock hasn't really slept since Wednesday morning, so he's a grouch, but when he realized how close *I* was to losing it, he cleaned the house while I napped with the babies and went to cross country.

They went for an "easy" run of 2.5 miles and I was supposed to keep an eye on Runner Girl, who was in the very back. She lost me less than halfway into it and I went the wrong way right after that since I couldn't see the kids either way down the fork in the trail. Oops. When I got to train tracks, I realized I'd gone the wrong way. So I got to the school about 12 minutes after Runner Girl first texted and called to say, "I'm at the school; where are you?" haha.

I didn't stop the whole 2-1/2 miles, just turned around. I kept walking, kept going, jogged occasionally, and knew I'd get back eventually. Coach asked if I was okay after I got to the school. I am fine. Just tired.

And one of the tires on the jogging stroller has a slow leak, so it got harder to push. Ah well.

During the first part of the run, Runner Girl kept turning back to check on me. I finally yelled, "Quit worrying about me. Just GO!" Turns out she kept up pretty well today. When the kids noticed she was behind the group after they got off the trail and back off the road, they told the coach and she had a couple of them run back to run with her. They were all pretty excited she'd kept up well enough for them to be able to go back to her.

Tonight, I'm glad it's Thursday. We'll still walk/run/jog this weekend, but between the cold and the run, every inch of my body hurts except my left ... no ... right eyelid.


ChristinaDB said...

Hugs to you my friend!

MamaBear said...

you GO, sistergirl! and kudos for the rock cleaning up!