Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Happenings

We had a super busy weekend with blessing Bitty at home and all, and we were out and about a lot and cleaning up and cooking to get ready for it all. We did not run. I failed. *sigh*

But this post isn't about that. My sweet daughter is a bit knock-kneed and has flat feet. It's genetic; I had surgery to correct the same thing when I was 12.

Since she's running so much, we decided to take her to the podiatrist today to be evaluated. We took her to the one who did my surgery since he is the best. And yes, he's still practicing!

They did some x-rays and found that she has an extra bone in each foot called the accessory navicular, and her arches have fallen. With all the running she's doing, she's having pain from the combination of the flat feet and the extra bone. They took casts to make some orthotics for her, which will be done in about 3 weeks, which is after the cross country season ends. He wants her to try those for a month, but we think she's going to have to have surgery: Add an implant to help the arch, remove the extra bone, and lift the fallen arch.

We don't enter into this decision lightly. It is obviously affecting her ability to run and her knees will get worse as she gets older and will be in danger of further injury. It is a more complex surgery than mine was, but still a same-day surgery. We are looking at doing it in December.

In even sadder news, the doc looked at both babies' feet while we were there and said they are pretty flat too. At least we have a few years to save up for their surgeries ...

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Kristina P. said...

Oh, man, that sucks. I really hope they can fix it!