Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Not Last Today!

Runner Girl had her second race today! We drove up there straight from school, so it was good she got up early today and got her bag ready. She just took it to school with her and changed after classes were over.

On the way up, she ate an apple and a yogurt and a few carrots and drank some water. Her race was about an hour and a half after that, so she had plenty of digestion time before the race.

It was a street race today. They had cones and police officers directing traffic to keep the kids safe. We got up there a little early, so we drove around the course twice, and then her coach took them out again. Runner Girl knew where the turns were and where to go, so I felt better about her running on roads in an unfamiliar neighborhood.

The boys went first (again). I think it's because the boys are typically a couple of minutes faster, so the girls can start half an hour after they do, whereas the girls have more variables.

Kiddo called me to go to the start line, but I was farther along the course so I could cheer her on from there, then walk to the end line (right next to the start) and cheer her some more. She didn't like that plan, so I walked to the start and got there right as the first boys were finishing. So we (Little Mister, Bitty, and I) cheered the boys on and then talked with the assistant coach while we waited for Runner Girl to finish hers.

I walked down to the cross street after the rest of our team had come in. I could see several slower runners from another team in the distance but could not see Runner Girl. The officer directing traffic right there was great. Another school's coach ran back to find her stragglers, and came back with her last one and Runner Girl. When Runner Girl saw me and heard me and the assistant coach cheering her on, she put on the speed and ran to the end (about 1/4 mile). So she wasn't last today! The other coach's student was. She was the girl who didn't even finish last week, so there are a lot of proud parents tonight. Turns out Runner Girl fell off a curb and twisted her ankle, so they walked together for a bit and exchanged phone numbers. haha. The Rock and I both told Runner Girl it is a RACE and next time she needs to not chat during it, but can afterward. She said okay. We'll see!! haha.

After she passed me, I walked back from the cross street and rounded the corner, just in time to see Runner Girl pass the finish line. Hearing all the other students, parents, and coaches cheer her on? Was huge. I started bawling like a baby. They were so loud! It was just amazing.

In BAD news, our fastest boy runner, the little third grader, got shoved around by a bigger kid from another school once they were out of sight of all the coaches and parents. Not cool at all. And our fastest girl (small 6th grader) got shoved around by a bigger kid from another school, too. They both won last week's race. Fortunately, neither kid was injured and, though they didn't come in first today, they did come in the top five and still beat the kids who shoved them around. The coaches are filing complaints. I don't understand that behavior, or the ones who cut corners last week. Grah. Whatever happened to good sportsmanship? Besides, y'know, every single person cheering on my kid.


MamaBear said...

oh, c'mon. making friends is totally more important than HURRYING to come in last in a race. LMAO at that one! you go girl! (RG)

Jessica G. said...

What's really sad is that it's mostly likely the parents that are encouraging (or at least NOT discouraging) that behavior.