Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My first day at cross country

Was a little less spectacular than I'd thought. The coach had me time the younger kids running 2 miles while she took the rest for a 3-1/2 mile run. The school seems a bit disorganized on a few things, and they can't seem to decide whether to let the slower kids run or not. I have volunteered to be there every day to follow the slower kids and make sure they are all safe, which is probably helping Runner Girl keep her spot on the team since she is the slowest 6th grader and one of the slowest overall. But they can't decide whether to let the slower younger kids still train with the team or not. I don't care if they are there -- I'll do my best to help them keep going and make sure they're safe too!

Alas, today while running with the younger kids, Runner Girl suddenly got a horrible bloody nose when she was at the part of the run where I couldn't see her. She was a mess by the time she got back around to where I could see she had a problem. Thank heaven for cloth diapers, because I was able to snag one out of the diaper bag. I ran over to her and had her go back to the school and get cleaned up. She was only halfway through her run today.

Ah well.

One thing I'm realizing is that my weight and being out of shape are definitely preventing me from being the mother I'd like to be. I can't keep up with Little Mister, and Bitty is trying her hardest to start crawling (she scoots sideways to me). How am I going to cope when she's mobile if I'm still this out of shape?

Must go do more laundry and clean the kitchen or the older girl child will have nothing to wear to practice tomorrow!

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Danielle said...

Esther, you are doing great & are so active. It is all about baby steps. I am finally losing the baby weight from Amelia, 2 years later... but I get your drift with my little guy edging ever closer to crawling! But I am noticing the more I am working out, the easier it is to keep up with them. I am doing about 30 minutes a day, everyday, on my wii fit.(sometimes more)

It is really cool that you are helping out with the cross country team! Those kids, even though they are slow, should be able to run & train too, obviously they want to be there, right:) Good for you for supporting them! <3<3<3<3