Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tuesday's Race!

Runner Girl was excited to go to her race. We had to drive about 45 minutes to get there, and then had a hard time finding the correct place in the venue. But we found it eventually and were there before most of the other teams, so it worked out.

Runner Girl came in last yesterday, but she didn't give up or quit. She just kept going, no matter how far behind everyone she got. (The girl who was last at the last race wasn't there yesterday.) Runner Girl cut just over 5 minutes off her time last week, and was just over her best time from the race before.

One of the other moms whose daughter is usually in the top 3 came and said, "She is like the little engine that could! She doesn't get discouraged, just keeps trucking along!" The other moms on our team are quite impressed with her. Not so sure about the parents from other teams. haha.

I asked her if she was still having fun running, and she said yes. She's also quite proud of herself for pushing and doing her best. Which is awesome.

Our school's boys team came in first and the girls came in second. The coaches have recruited a few more girls (older ones) to run, who could already run 2 miles without stopping, and they did awesome. I'm not sure about individual places this time because I was wrestling both babies. Little Mister found some cute older girls (around age 5 or 6) and was flirting his little heart out, saying hi and waving one hand to each of them. Their parents said things like, "He is going to keep you busy!" He already does!

I talked with the coach yesterday about the flat feet thing, and she had them as a kid too. She said she hopes the orthotics help like they did her, but we all think the surgery is going to have to happen. She said they are fine with Runner Girl's time being around 30 minutes and aren't pushing her to go faster at this point since it is causing her pain, and her running gait is so odd from the flat feet and knock knees. We are hoping she'll be up and at 'em again very soon and will be able to start training in the spring.

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