Friday, October 1, 2010

oooo, Free contacts?

Got this email from Kaje yesterday and forgot to repost. But hey, free contacts!!

Hello my friends who actually post on their blogs...

my husband's work giving away free contacts for life to one lucky winner a day! If people sign up under the link below, Matt wins an ipad, (if he gets the most referrals). We're hoping that by offering an additional $25 gift card along with the chance of winning free contacts for life, we'll get more people to sign up! If any of you wouldn't mind posting the below on your blog, that would be awesome.


1-800-CONTACTS is giving away free contacts for life when you enter
their sweepstakes, and there's
a new winner every day! No purchase necessary, no gimmicks, just free
contacts. Contest ends Wed, Oct 6th.

Even if you don't wear contacts you can still enter the sweepstakes.
Choose the FreshLook Colorblends with a power of 0.00. (This is just a
colored eye accessory but doesn't affect your vision.)

Matt will be giving away a $25 amazon gift card if you enter using his
link and send it around to 4 of your friends and include him on the

For the Contacts:

•Enter the 1-800-CONTACTS sweepstakes and leave a
comment on this post saying you did! (Don't forget to include your
email address.)

For the Gift Card:

•Send an email to four friends telling them about the
sweepstakes/giveaway, with a link back to this post, and copy Matt on
the email. {} Then leave a comment on this post saying
you did.

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