Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ah, the funny stuff

Little Mister keeps bringing me Runner Girl's water baby, smashing her face into my boob, and telling me to nurse her.  I tried leaving my shirt in place, but that didn't work for him.  So funny.

Bitty keeps squirming to get down and play,a dn then gets frustrated when she can't go get what she wants to get or someone moves it from her or takes the toy away from her.  "Someone" is usually Little Mister.  Bitty is army crawling and can move the walker around like nobody's business, following me into the kitchen and down halls, but not really crawling or walking yet (thankfully).

I got a final notice letter from the pediatrician.  For a balance of $0.00.  Yes, you read that right.  $0.00.  I put it in the stack of mail to deal with later and came across it today after paying another bill off.  (YAY!)  I called the billing office and told the gal about the letter and she about busted a gut laughing.  She said, "Well you paid that on the 15th.  When was the letter dated."  "Um, the 15th."  "Oh, so we were being efficient, but you paid it."  *pause*  "What this boils down to is that it's YOUR fault we sent you that because you paid it off.  How do you like that?"  We both laughed and laughed.  I have tears in my eyes still. 

Runner Girl was drinking chocolate milk for breakfast this morning and I took a picture of her.  She asked if she had a milk mustache.  I said, "Yes, like Tom Selleck."  She gave me a blank look.  "Who is that?"  Oh, I'm old.  I laughed and said, "Remember in Meet the Robinsons?  The painting?"  "Oh yeah ..."  "He's famous for his mustache, though I don't know that he still has it."  Ruined the joke, but whaddya do?

Anyway.  It's been a fun morning at our house.  :)


Manda :Þ said...

I just thought I'd let you know that I saw Tom Selleck on Ellen today and he had his mustache. She even gave her audience fake mustaches to put on for when he came out on stage. I LOVE Ellen! She can always make me laugh :)

steph k said...

I'm in love with Tom Selleck. For-Ev-Er. He gets better with age. I hope he never gets to where Harrison Ford is now... creepy old.

stewbert said...

thanks manda!

snort @ steph. i don't think harrison ford is really creepy old ... but i can see how he could come across that way. i think tom selleck will be more like sean connery. (did i spell that right?)