Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Two to go!

Down to two sessions left with Carlos.  I managed to embarrass him tonight (awesome) and he punished me for it with a grueling upper body workout (that'll teach me).

As our sessions come to a close, he is blasting me with information about why certain things work and what I need to do after we are done.  He also reiterated that my form is much improved and he's proud of me.  He was so excited with how great I was doing, he was just laughing and laughing.  Good times.

I feel pretty good and wish the scale and mirror reflected how much progress I feel I'm making, but alas, they don't.  I'm trying to be patient but that is hard.

Building good habits of working out and eating better is also hard, but the family is used to me going now, every day at the same time.  Even though the baby is sick and was awake when I left tonight, I still went and got through the workout before I came home to put her back to bed.  Having Kiddo and The Rock here taking care of her and Little Mister makes it so I feel comfortable doing so.  And I'm enjoying the lifting again, and even the cardio for the most part. 

The eating is harder and has always been my biggest area of struggle.  Right now, it's all baby steps and small victories.  It's all progress, though, and that is what I'm focusing on.  No matter how minute they may seem, those small steps will eventually get me to my goals.

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