Thursday, January 20, 2011

Workout Video Reviews

I have a lot of videos.  And I have a LOT that I've actually never done.  *blush*  I bought some right before getting pregnant both times and never got them opened or done.  I am starting to go through them, figure out what I actually *can* do now and what I need to be smaller/more energetic to do, or what is going to take more practice, and which ones I hate and will never do.  I will post reviews as I actually get through them -- not just attempt them. 

Many are older.  I don't have anything very new.  If you have something you'd like to suggest, I will be getting a new video next month, so shout it out.  I'm definitely not intermediate or advanced, so maybe something more beginner-ish would be good, or something I can easily modify. 

I did attempt a video tonight but it is a more advanced level than I am.  I watched the rest of it from the comfort of my couch and realize I need to work up to it, but the dance stuff looks fun.  It's The Fix from Suzanne Cox, and I probably got it at Walmart for $1, because that's the only place I could find it online to link you all!

I realized after about 6 or 7 minutes that I need to be wearing shoes every time I work out, even at home, and every time I step in the kitchen -- our floors are really hard and my feet and ankles hurt after a little while. I hate wearing shoes at home so that's going to be a challenge but I'll do it.  I started wearing my crocs while cooking, but my son likes to steal them so I couldn't find them tonight.  Stinker.

The Rock has been using our Kinect (a Christmas gift) to do Your Shape.  It's pretty cool, except seeing myself in very round 3D was NOT cool.  Ugh.  But the camera watches you and shows you on screen and tells you what you need to improve as far as actions go, and has a choice of different ways to workout.  Runner Girl is thrilled there are things she can start doing on it again.

Speaking of Runner Girl, she told me today she misses running.  She's cleared to start running in a month, so we are going to work back into it together, though I'm sure she'll still kick my butt.  Everything I'm doing now is gearing me up to be able to keep up with her better next season.  We'll be starting our mileage count over when we can start training together.

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