Thursday, January 27, 2011

Circuit Training (plus a couple of unrelated things)

I was a tad late to our appointment tonight (baby got sick all over me right before I needed to leave, ugh). 

Carlos decided to make me pay by doing circuit training.  He said it would be fun.  He lied.  (Man, I make him sound so mean.  He's not.  Really.) 

I haven't ever done circuits before, and it sucked.  Kettle bells, steps on a bench, pushups, and more kettle bells (two different kettle bell exercises).  One minute each, 15 seconds rest between, and I did 3 sets.  I did break a little more because I am feeling a bit fragile today, and I did cry a bit. 

Watching myself do those exercises in a floor length mirror that covers an entire wall?  Not the smartest thing I've ever done.  The mirrors are not forgiving of my rolls and bulges and I am just so critical of myself anyway.  I got really mad at myself again and burst into tears. 

Seventeen years ago, I was getting ready to graduate from high school.  I was pretty active in marching band and could sprint 50 yards holding a french horn and playing it!  I wasn't in ideal shape, but I was pretty healthy.  That was half my lifetime ago.  I'm disgusted with where my body is now, nearly double my weight then.

Carlos told me to get mad at the weights instead and take it out on them so I'm not damaging myself or bringing myself down further.  I think that's a grand idea.  He said something about me wanting to slap him after the second circuit, and I said if I wanted to slap him I would have done so. 

Poor Carlos.  I don't think he knows what to make of me.  (For the record, I was joking. I don't go around slapping people.)

After I finished the circuits, we went to abs and I did a whole slew of crunches and sit-ups, though I lost count after 90 or so.  15, break, 15, break, 15, break, ad nauseam.  Literally.  I almost hurked after.

Then it was time to go ... I think Carlos got a little verklempt.  I may or may not have cried a bit in the car.  We still have one more appointment for Pete's sake.  Told ya I was feeling fragile.

One thing I didn't mention yesterday was how strong and powerful lifting makes me feel.  Upper body workouts especially make me feel strong.  I've missed it the last several years actually, and am glad I've had the chance to work with 3 different trainers to get pointers and correct form positioning, different workouts and exercises (remember, I was pregnant while working with the first two), and lots of great encouragement and help.  I'm not having the same numbness I had when I lifted on my own, and that's a good thing.

The circuit training didn't make me feel powerful.  But it's 3-1/2 hours since I left the gym and I am feeling fantastic.  I got the babies back to bed and spent some time with the husband and am about to cut out some fabric (yay, projects!!), but I am feeling really good.  Pumped.  I will probably incorporate it into my workouts as I continue on my own.  Even though I hated it. 

Completely off topic:  I have two great friends who each have little boys with autism.  They are very different from each other and each family has their own challenges with this, and each family is in great need right now.

Deeds is adorable (I've met him in person!).  He is a wanderer and needs a service dog to keep him where he should be; they've raised nearly all they need for that.  However, Deeds pulled a pot of boiling water on himself almost 2 weeks ago.  He is doing great but has some major medical bills from the burn units.  His folks really could use some help. For details, click here.  If you like Krispy Kreme, you can also email Deeds' mom through the blog and help by buying donuts!!!

G-bear is just so cute.  He completely melts my heart every time I look at his pictures.  He is nonverbal and needs to be able to communicate.  His family has a chance to win an iPad and can use your help as well.  For details, go here.

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