Monday, January 31, 2011

Saying goodbye

Ah, my last workout with Carlos tonight.  His boss tried to get me to sign up for another contract, but we really can't afford it for a while.  He didn't push too hard though.  Saying goodbye sucked -- he was trying not to cry, so was I.  It's not like I won't be at the gym, but it will be different not working together anymore.  (It sucked saying goodbye to my former trainer, Annie, too, but I didn't know that was goodbye goodbye when she had her baby, lol.)

Carlos took me through another circuit training workout tonight.  I did the first circuit and he told me about a little experience he had after our last workout.  He did an orientation workout with a mom and her two daughters, and did the same circuit training we did last week.  One of the daughters?  Passed out, literally in his arms.  After the first circuit.  The other one almost did.  He said they are in shape, too. They hadn't eaten before and just couldn't handle it.  And yet I did!  I did the whole thing!  

That literally made my month.  hahaha

As I was finishing the last workout on the last circuit tonight, he asked a guy if he wanted to come do kettle bells with me.  "Uh, no, I'm so over those. They are brutal."  And someone asked him what that was, he said, "Those kettle bells," and she made a face too.  They were both in shape as well.

So, after that, I got to thinking.  People still stare at me at the gym.  I am still big.  I know it.  They know it.  It's not like I can hide it.  But maybe, just maybe, some of them aren't looking at me like I shouldn't be there ... maybe some of them are respecting the work I'm doing to change things up for myself.


Jennifer said...

Esther big hugs. You are doing a great job. And as odd as it sounds size does not immediatley correspond to how in-shape you are. I am a great example of that. By my own standards i am soooooo out of shape. (obviously i am markedly overweight). However.... My out of shape strength, stamina, etc are out of most people's leagues, people that look in shape.

You are built for battle woman. Get healthy. Live long. :)

ilovepenutbutterandjelleysandwiches said...

Add my mad props to that, too. Sure I used to could do anything I wanted, but now? Uh, no. I might "look" in shape, but I'd be one of the people staring, in awe, of you as you do stuff that makes others pass out/tremble with fear (and sore musckles).

Maybe I should start to exercise again?