Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry New Year

Christmas was a wonderful day for my family.  The kids got the clothes they needed, and then some.  The toys from my brother and his wife are fabulous!  And the camera?  LOVE it. I did make the hoodie for the husband, which he adores.  It is the first time a jacket has fit him properly.

I also got an update on my friend Jeannie.  She has been discharged from the hospital, so thank you for all your prayers. 

Kiddo gets her stitches out tomorrow, and she seems pretty nervous about it.  Her cast stays on the other foot for another 2-1/2 weeks though.

I'm also planning on getting back on my eating plan starting tomorrow.  I ordered a protein powder that has no artificial sweeteners in it -- had to search for one pretty hard.  Carlos recommended I get some and use it, so I have it.  And now I'll be using it to help in my workouts and hopefully weight loss.  Yay.

We are gearing up for the new year, making goals and resolutions and trying to become better as individuals and as a family.  I personally am trying to get the house in order and keep it that way -- it's gotten away from me in the months of depression. 

This week, my brother, The Army Guy, is coming in town.  Planning on spending time with him and his family and hoping The Rock comes too.  Wish me luck with the eating plan while they are here.  His wife makes yummy food.  haha.

I hope your continued celebrations this week are full of joy and love.

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Kristina P. said...

Sounds like a great plan.