Friday, December 3, 2010

Oh the GUILT!!

Yesterday, I was doing pretty well and was on track with my eating plan, until Kiddo asked for mac and cheese last night for dinner. Not the box stuff. The homemade stuff. With the rich, ooey, gooey, 3-cheese sauce ... oh bad bad bad.

I ate way, way, way too much of that and was too full to work out after.

I decided to go to the gym anyway but just to walk on the treadmill because something is better than nothing, right? Well. Carlos didn't agree. He stopped me on my way out to make an appointment or two for next week, and told me, "When you come do your cardio, no more of this walking crap!" (I usually use the elliptical and he knows I go faster on that, plus it burns more calories.)

I had to admit to him that I had over eaten at dinner and was having a pain in my side. The look on his face ... Ouch.

I'm betting he kills me next week in our sessions.

I came home and logged my calories on and about hurled. Yeah. It was bad.

As of today, I am recommitting to myself to eat well. Eating clean doesn't have to be a burden, but it does have to happen. I also do have to get to the gym every day, and that's a commitment I'm making to myself as well. It doesn't mean diddly squat if I'm doing it for my husband or kids (or even Carlos), if I'm not really committed to making my own life better for ME.

Good bye mac and cheese. I can't make you again anytime soon. Maybe in another decade.

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