Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Friend is in Need

This is completely off topic, dear readers, but I hope you'll bear with me. My friend Jeanie, a former co-worker, sweetheart, and generally on of the nicest people you'll ever meet, had surgery last week for lung cancer. She was doing well though was in quite a bit of pain, but has had a turn for the worse and is back in the ICU with clots and a tear in her lung.

Jeanie is always so positive and shared with me previously that she believes her circumstances now are in God's hands, whether she makes it through this surgery and recovery or not. I wish I had that much faith. I don't. I'm not perfect. But I do know God loves each of us. Here's an example.

In early November, I had been working on some felted wool slippers for a Christmas swap. They are very warm and soft and cozy, and I love them. The first pair I made felted a size too small for the intended recipient, and I put them to the side, thinking I'd sell them, but before I listed them on etsy, I felt that God had a plan for them. A week or so later, Jeanie told me she had cancer.

A little something came to mind telling me to ask her for her shoe size and address. I wanted her to have something in the hospital to remind her that we love her and just planned to make a pair for her. She seemed confused in her email back as to why I would need her shoe size, but she gave it to me anyway. The already made slippers were her size.

I shipped them off to her and sent her another email saying she should get something soon. She was so excited! She emailed me as soon as she got them the day after Thanksgiving, saying they were lovely and a perfect fit.

I'm asking you, whatever your belief system, to say a prayer or send a positive thought her way. Whatever God's plan is, that they'll be able to manage her pain until she returns home to God, or that the doctors will be able to clear her clots and other issues so she can return to her earthly home and normal life.

Love you Jeanie.

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Kristina P. said...

I will keep her in my prayers.