Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Since last Thursday, I haven't actually made it back to the gym. SO frustrating. BUT I have been more careful about my calories and haven't gone over once since then. I am noticing that I usually have more energy and am not stuffed too full to move (unlike last week when I made the mac and cheese ...).

I actually felt like my calorie allowance was too high because I wasn't getting hungry at all between my meals and snack and still felt satisfied, so I lowered it a bit. I am getting better at portion control as well, and while I don't let myself get to the "famished" point, I am feeling a bit hungry before it's time to eat again ... which I'm embarrassed to admit I wasn't feeling before at ALL. I know, right? I was just eating all the dang time. No wonder I got so fat!

The Rock and I have talked about all of this lately. I weigh 40 pounds more than I did the day we met and the day we got married, and it's just not OK to stay that way. He wasn't raised eating healthy and gets cranky if I cook healthy too much. BUT he finally said, "Do what you need to do to get healthier. If I get desperate, I will go eat at my folks' house." Score! I'm taking him at his word and cooking leaner and healthier. We don't even have any red meat in the house right now! bwahahahaha I should add he weighs about 60-70 pounds more than he did when we got married. He is working out now and trying to get some of it off, but it's (unfairly) much easier for him to drop weight even if he's eating junk than it is for me.

I've also been able to get my picky toddler to eat real food several times in the last week (instead of his usual diet of crackers, cereal, and chicken nuggets). Bonus! And the baby is wanting food too, so since I'm eating healthier, I'm just sharing with her and she likes it! She detests baby food, which is fine by me.

I'm going to finish sewing a project tonight, cut out some fabric, and go to bed. Tomorrow, I meet up with Carlos again and am going to kill it at the gym. Bam!

Good night dear readers!

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Kristina P. said...

My big issue is a lack of exercise. I do WW points, but I am not as accurate as I should be, and without the exercise, the weight comes of slowly.