Friday, March 16, 2012

Not Monday yet, I know

I was getting the kids ready to walk and my fabulous landlady mentioned a great walking route -- up the main road a block away, 9 blocks pretty much uphill, then it's alllllllll downhill down a nice little paved trail, and back through town.  It's about 2-1/2 miles total.  That's the longest I've walked in a long time.  Pushed the stroller most of the way, though VOD helped a bit.  We're both exhausted and the littles are all over the place.  lol

I haven't been on track with my eating as far as eating good stuff, but I haven't gone over my calories today.  And tomorrow is a new day!

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Jessica G. said...

Good for you to get out and walk! The other morning, I only had half the time to work out that I usually do and a very large part of me was saying it just wasn't worth it. But I did it anyway! Celebrate the small steps, right?