Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's amazing what happens in a couple of weeks

And I'm not talking about the whole eat-better-lose-weight thing.  Because that's pretty much not been my focus the last two weeks.  <bag>

I've really been debating this teaching deal.  I love kids.  But do I love other people's kids enough to teach them and then still come home and be a happy mommy?

So I started reevaluating things.  Talked it all over with the husband and a few other people.

I have applied to nursing school.

Nursing school can be very expensive.

We're looking for any sources to pay for this because I need to be done ASAP.  So if you win the 500 million dollar lotto, send a little love my way, eh?

I'm applying for this (not school sponsored) scholarship, which is based on a popular vote of a web essay.  I hope y'all can vote for my essay HERE.

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