Sunday, March 11, 2012

I'm disgusted

I haven't actually tracked my food intake since like October.  I know I've been eating too much.  My body tells me so in many ways, but gaining weight to the point my fat clothes are snug is a very.bad.thing.

So, the last few days, I've written down every single thing I've put in my mouth.

I'm just appalled.

This week's change is to drastically cut my calories and track everything I eat on Livestron.  Now, I'll still be eating around 1800 calories a day.  That's the number my trainers came up with when I wasn't working out hard.  Since I'm not working out hard yet, just walking still, I'm starting there.

This change will affect other things.  How much Pepsi or sugar I can ingest.  The type of grains I eat.  Fruits, veggies, proteins.  Those sorts of things will be affected.  I intend to cut WAY back on Pepsi this week.

I'm willing to bet, though, that at the end of the week, I'll be feeling just that much better and proud of myself for sticking to it.  Like last week.  I walked Monday and Tuesday with the husband, and Wednesday through Sunday with the kids.  Even on days I felt not so great, we still got out and walked.  And that is a change I am proud of.


Keryn said...

I think you are awesome! (And I'm sorry about LM's lovely road rash, on top of Fifth Disease. So not fun.)

musicmom said...

You have to start somewhere! I think you are making a great start. I am watching my calories, but doing none of the walking..... they all take effort and determination. Great job not giving up. I like Keryn think YOU are awesome!

Jessica G. said...

I joined my husband's company's tracker-thingy (how that for an awkward sentence?) and have discovered just how little I actually worked out. So depressing…
BUT I'm not giving up! And you can't either! Race ya to the skinny zone!