Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Last night, the husband and I took the kids to Temple Square in Salt Lake City to see the light display.  We had a "discussion" on the last time we went.  I knew we went 2 years ago, but The Rock and VOD both told me I was wrong, that it was 3 years ago.

Proof that I'm awesome.

I may not have the best memory, but there is no way Little Man was that big at 5 months old.  That coat is a 2T.  The Santa outfit he has on under it is 18-24 months and baby girl wore it last night!  That picture was taken 2 years ago.  And I was newly pregnant with Baby Girl.  (We didn't go the year he was 5 months old because he was a preemie and susceptible to lung problems and we didn't go last year either, because our family did not fit in the vehicle we had.)

After that "discussion", we walked through the square.  The Rock wanted to see the nativity -- a recording reads the story of our Savior's birth, plays some hymns, and words from our prophet.  I was terribly disoriented because we entered the square from a different direction than I ever have before.  So I followed The Rock, as he carried our little girl.  VOD and LM stayed with me mostly.  When we got to the area where the nativity was set up, the light from the star was shining down on baby Jesus and the choir was singing. 

I started sniffling as we neared Him.  The Spirit filled my soul with joy -- to know that we were seeking our Savior as a family, on Christmas Eve, the night before His birth, was a powerful witness.  We had not rested until we found Him.  

In our lives as Christians, we are to continually seek after Him and follow Him, obeying His commandments and following His example.  We are all human, and we are going to sin.  He knew this and gave us the Atonement so we can all repent and come back to His presence.  But if we persevere, not resting until we find Him, no matter how disoriented we might get, we will return to Him.

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it, whether you are Christian or not.  Happy holidays to those of you with other beliefs.  The holiday season is a season of joy and love, no matter what your religion, creed, race, gender, orientation, or financial status.  I hope you've all found joy and love and peace this year, as I did last night in the lights of Temple Square.

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