Sunday, December 18, 2011

Happy 18 months baby girl!

In our church, the meetings last 3 hours on Sunday.  First is the Sacrament meeting, where we take the sacrament and hear talks and sing hymns.  Second is Sunday School, and third the men and women separate into different classes.  Children stay together in age groups, but have two different classes called Primary.  There's the basic rundown.

Infants under 18 months stay with their parents.  This means from the time they are mobile, parents often miss their meetings because they are all over the place.  At 18 months, they go into the nursery during the second two meetings but stay with their parents during Sacrament meeting.

When Little Man was old enough for nurser, he refused to go in.  He cried and screamed and would only stay if I went in with him.  But I was in my first trimester of pregnancy with Baby Girl, tired, nauseated ... it was HARD.  He didn't start going to nursery until we moved 18 months ago.  He loved nursery from the minute we started going to this ward (congregation), and only had a problem staying in there one time.

He's still in nursery until January 1.

Baby Girl turned 18 months last week, but the boiler in our building was broken, so they canceled everything but Sacrament meeting.  So today, they got to go to nursery together.  She ran in and got to playing, and he sat down and did the big kid activities.  It was so cute to peek in and see them running around together.  I'm a bit sad it's only going to be the one time, since next week we only have Sacrament meeting because it's Christmas, and Little Man then goes into Primary the next week.  It's bittersweet to see them getting bigger.

On the other hand, I'm excited because for the first time in 3-1./2 years, I got to pee by myself at church.

In case I don't get back to blogging this week, Merry Christmas!!!


MamaBear said...

you got to pee by yourself? how was it? lol how very exciting. happy sesquianniversary, baby girl!

Jessica G. said...

I never understood just how much I took for granted the ability to use the bathroom by myself…
And congrats on the 18 month mark! Some days, it seems like they won't survive to reach nursery. My youngest becomes a Sunbeam next week. I'll probably cry a little.