Sunday, January 1, 2012

More ME

These are my resolutions for this year:  Laugh more.  Play more.  Enjoy more.  Worship more.

All of those things?  Involve these things.

1.  Get current on bills and then pay off half of our consumer debt (anything except student loans -- medical, credit cards, HOA stuff, car, etc.).
2.  Shed 50 pounds by Thanksgiving with a combination of eating healthy and exercising.
3.  Control the crafting chaos -- only get out what I can accomplish during that session of crafting, and put away everything I didn't do when finished with that session.
4.  Keep up with my housework routines.
5.  Get back to the temple with The Rock (or without him if he's not ready), and take VOD when she's able.

And that's really as complicated as I'm getting this year.


steph k said...

Those are good goals. :) I need to write mine down.

Jessica G. said...

I am right there with you on most of those, girlfriend! I'm going to purge a lot of my crafting stuff down to the things that I actually use. Letting go of all the scrapbooking items that I spent too much money on and never used...