Thursday, September 15, 2011

Science may kill me

At WGU, you pace yourself in your classes and always have a mentor or two (or three) available to help if needed.  This science class is supposedly "basic" but I haven't been in school since 1997 or thereabouts, and it is kicking my butt.

I have until 10/31 to get through it.  At least, that's the deadline my mentor and I agreed on.  Actually, scratch that.  After taking the preassessment, he thinks I should be able to finish and pass the final by the end of the month.  But I'm taking notes and studying and reading and looking through my notes and doing the chapter reviews and ... oh my stars I'm still on the first module (group of assignments).

There are things I wish I'd done differently as far as school goes -- back when learning was easy for me and I could ace classes without a second thought, I wish I hadn't taken that for granted and had still worked and learned and gotten through college.  On the other hand, my life might not be the same it is today and I really do love The Rock and the kids and now that I know I need to work in school, I'm not taking anything for granted anymore.  Doing school around a husband, kids, housework, etc., is definitely not easy, but I really am grateful for the opportunity.

The Rock's bipolar is a bit unstable at the moment, so he's been needing more time and attention, which makes less time for my homework.  He's doing really well in his math and English classes, but the Portuguese is a struggle for him.  That's the one I can't help with.  I pointed out that being married to me is sort of like living with an English tutor, so he can get help whenever he needs it.  So he's meeting with a Portuguese tutor at school and will be scheduling regular appointments with him.  Baby Girl is teething and/or sick and pretty miserable so she's been up and crying a lot, but I still managed to get through a chapter last night.  Little Mister is busy busy busy and likes playing Angry Birds on my computer, so sometimes I let him play while I read my notes or do the housework.  VOD ... is gone a lot.  Volleyball is taking up a LOT of time and we decided she can't really do drama and volleyball because she would never sleep or do her own homework, so this year is just volleyball and next year is just drama.

OHHHH!  Gosh!  I got the BEST compliment yesterday! Actually, two of them.  Captain (an online friend) came over for a visit and lunch.  She lives about an hour away and had never been to my house.  She came in and sat down, looking around and smiled.  I asked what she was thinking.  She said, "I like your house.  I'm comfortable here."  SCORE!  That means the cleaning is doing something and the rearranging is making the house comfortable, too.  AND!  My 6yo niece came to play and she has previously told me just how messy my house is.  Yesterday, she said, "Wow!  It's really clean in here!"  Warm fuzzies all over.  I'm feeling much better about my role as a wife and mother and how I'm fulfilling it these days.  Guess the system I'm working with is helping.

Now, if only I could get the "exercise" box on my list checked off every day ... Baby steps, right?


Kipluck said...

That's great! I hope WGU works out for you. I kind of looked into that, and probably would go there if I was doing teaching.

Lindsay Anderson said...

I love, love, love you! I love hoe honest you are in your posts! I love that when you needed the boost the most, the Lord knew who to send to give you said boosts!