Friday, September 2, 2011


Oh the horror!  The guy showed up an hour early yesterday, right at noon.  I'm just glad I was dressed and had a bra on.

He couldn't figure out the mess of cables back there.  Alyssa, my landlady, said it's been a mess since before they bought the place and she tried to help him figure it out too, but he accidentally cut their internet and cable when he turned off ours.  We had to call her ISP and they came over and all worked together and got us both up and running. 

He was here for FOUR HOURS.

One of the issues we are facing is that we are outgrowing this little apartment faster than we can even comprehend.  Little Mister is a terror trying to get to sleep, so co-sleeping with him isn't working, and Bitty, well, she's not sleeping because he's not.  So I told The Rock if we were changing internet, we were going to change rooms around this weekend because it isn't working and he's not home at bedtime to deal with it all.  

So the internet went in the master bedroom, where the kids sleep with me.  They didn't get their naps and they were mean and cranky and I had a horrible headache.  After the guy left, Little Mister had a little nap.  Bitty had one as he was leaving, but Little Mister woke her up and the rest of the day she was a grouch.

I had a little nap, thanks to VOD taking Bitty and Little Mister.  My headache lessened, so I tried to connect the router to the modem through my laptop and it disabled my wireless internet.  And didn't fix it.  And I couldn't get it to recognize the wireless key was ON.  So I gave up for a while.

I put Bitty to bed and she zonked out by 7:30.  When The Rock left for work, stressing because he didn't have internet and has homework due today, I figured I'd better set up the router through The Rock's computer so he could do his homework.  His computer was in another room (the one he's been sleeping in for the last year), which meant I needed to move two dressers, a TV, a set of wooden portable stairs, a chair, and a desk to get it set up in the correct place so we could get the modem and router hooked up right.  It was 8:30 by the time I started this little project.  And the kids kept screaming at me that the XBOX wasn't hooking up to the internet so they couldn't watch Netflix. 

Dude.  I know.

I disassembled the computer and moved it, the TV, stairs, chair, and the dressers without incident.

The Rock's desk got stuck in the doorway. 

VOD and I couldn't figure out how to get it out of there.  We knew The Rock had just maneuvered it through the door, but we couldn't do it.  She was stuck in the room and started having a panic attack.

I had to take the top off the desk, so I had to find the tools to do so, but managed it and the panic attack stopped.  We carried the pieces to the other room separately, then reattached the top to the legs.

By this time, Little Mister had woken up Bitty and she would not go back to sleep.  So I put LM to bed in the bedroom and took her into the living room, where VOD had opened the hide-a-bed (hoping LM would have fallen asleep but no such luck).  Bitty finally fell asleep on the hide-a-bed and LM was asleep in the bed, so I finished the router mess.  Except my computer still wasn't recognizing that the wireless connection was even on. 

At 10:49 last night, I finally got both computers connected to the internet and logged in to my first class.  I did two sections of it before my eyes started blurring and burning and I started dozing in the chair.  I shut everything down, scooted Little Mister back to his side of the bed, grabbed Bitty out of the hide-a-bed, and we all fell asleep.

The Rock came home early from work an hour later.  Fortunately?  He didn't wake me up.  He was stressed a bit because he couldn't find his medication, but he took it this morning.  Thankfully.

He told me that he was sad I had to handle all of this last night on my own, but I am GLAD I did it when he was gone.  He can be just as distracting as the kids when I'm trying to do something, asking questions and telling me I'm doing it wrong.  <gr> 

At least the HARD part is done now.  All we have to do is clean up the messes in the other two rooms and move belongings around. 

OH, and the financial aid came through finally, so we're both less stressed.  He is buying the rest of his books today and I've paid almost all the bills that are due.  Still have to pay the rent and get a few groceries, but I'm not too worried about that.  There's plenty for it (thank God!). 

Nap time!  Off to feed the boy and hopefully get them both down for a nap before 2, which is when I have a conference call for school.  YAY!

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