Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sometimes, I still don't quite get it right

It's been interesting the last few weeks.  Taking a facebook break was good.  I did go back to facebook because the crafting forum which I used to moderate was hacked, so I wanted to make sure the admin knew ... and have stayed for the time being.  That's not really owning me, but!!

At the same time, I have been able to deal more fully with other issues and handle things of greater importance to me.  My house is a bit cleaner, I've let myself rest and recover from a nasty cold without feeling guilty, and VOD and I have made some progress in our relationship.

On the subject of not owning one's own issues or saying something mean on the internet, I have done both of those things in the last month.  Sigh.  Sometimes ... this stuff happens.

I did manage to do something nice, too.

Being in school, sometimes I'm in a major hurry to get to the kids or grab a bite to eat so I don't wreck the car or something, and I don't always plan ahead.  So one day, I was headed to a fast food place and this little car cut me off.  Now, I'm sure there have been other times when I got mad, but what happened next was pretty great.

Somehow, *I* got in front of *them* in the drive up.

Karma, right?

Yeah, it made me giggle.

And then I paid for their lunch.

They stopped me from leaving the driveway and thanked me profusely for making their day.

I could have held onto the bad feelings from being cut off, or called them names, or whatever.  But doing a little service for those girls helped me let go of how I was feeling right then, and it made their day, too.  Because, let's face it, pretty much every driver has cut somebody off before, and it's not always intentional.  Sometimes we don't know we've done it, just like sometimes we don't know we're mean or how someone else has perceived our words or actions.  Taking a few dollars and helping a couple of other people that day really changed my perspective.

Sometimes, I get it right, too.

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