Friday, August 19, 2011

YAY!!! It's Friday!!!

It's the last Friday before school starts.  I had thought about taking the kids to the cheap theater to see Kung Fu Panda 2, but then?  A friend mentioned this U-pick raspberry farm not terribly far from our house.  It's not a huge operation and runs entirely on an honor system.  You go, pick your raspberries, weigh them, and put your $ into a locked, mounted box next to the scale. 

Hello.  The raspberries are only $2.50 per pound! 

We strapped Bitty on my back and off we went into the bees and brambles.  Little Mister "helped" me and picked some not ripe ones but eventually figured out that he only should find red ones.  He also kept trying to eat them and then would remind himself, "Hafta pay first!"  and put them in the container.  Runner Girl picked the most by far.

We got there at 9 and picked for just over an hour and got 3-1/2 pounds.  It was a perfect day for it:  Not very hot, not cold, not crowded at all.  It drizzled a bit, but that just made it so we could stay a little longer without hearing Little Man complain that it's "too hot!" The kids ate a bunch on the way home from the patch.  It was a great morning to spend with the kids before school starts.

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