Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"Make Good Choices!"

When Runner Girl was younger, she used to love the movie Freaky Friday.  We watched it a lot.  Early in the movie, before the switch, the mom drops the daughter off to school and calls out the window, "Bye honey!  Make good choices!"   Teenage daughter is appropriately embarrassed and walks quickly away from the car.

The last couple years, I started doing the same thing.  Not entirely to embarrass her, though that's an added bonus.  But to remind her of who she is. 

We are LDS (Mormons) and believe we came to this earth to learn to make good choices and return to our Heavenly Father.  In the Book of Mormon, there is a verse that talks about how making good choices will help you live a good life.  The reverse is also true:  Bad choices make no one happy.  Even if you're not of our faith, it holds true. 

So, last year I reminded her almost every day to make good choices.  I said it yesterday and again this morning.  And today she rolled her eyes and told me I was SO annoying sometimes.  Then Little Mister called out from the back seat, "Bye honey!  Make good choices!"

That wasn't the best though.

We've been carpooling with DisGrace and when I dropped off her daughter at the high school, he called out, "BYE KAMMA!!!  Make good choices!" 

I hope he remembers that when he's their ages, and even if he doesn't, I'm going to remind him.  Every day.  To make good choices.


Jillybean said...

I do this too!!
I also add...
"Remeber who you are!"
"Return with honor!"
and "Watch for cars!"
I actually might be trying to embarrass them a little ;)

Kipluck said...

We do this in our house too. Along with "Guard your carnal treasure!" from Win a Date with Tad Hamilton.