Saturday, August 27, 2011

It's time for a vote!

So after the first practice, Runner Girl decided cross country wasn't actually what she wanted to do this year. 

She tried out for volleyball instead.

And made the team.

Which means she actually hit a ball and didn't hide from it or run away screaming, like she used to do.

Some of the benefits she pointed out:
*It's inside!
*It's air conditioned!
*I have less of a chance of twisting my ankle.
*There's a drinking fountain if I get thirsty!

She also mentioned her cousin, who was in cross country with her last year.  Sort of.  They were screwy with the rules, so he ran in the practices but not in the races.  It sort of sucked.  Anyway.  He made the volleyball team, too, so they're doing it together.  And drama tryouts are Monday, which he's going to try out for as well.

So I guess she's not Runner Girl this year.  I think I'm changing her name to Drama Princess. 

Or Volley Girl.

VOTE!  Or give me a different name and if I like it better, I'll use it!

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