Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Chores

I don't remember what all the gal had on her chart and my house is so unorganized, I can't find the handout.  <insert hysterical laughter>

BUT I decided the following things had to happen every day (whether *I* do them or someone else does):
*Dinner (which I try to have ready by 2:30 when the husband needs to sleep before work)
*Dishes (including pots/pans and sharp knives)
*Wipe down the countertops, stove, and sink
*Kitchen trash out
*Sweep the kitchen
*Wash diapers (yes, I use cloth diapers)
*Two loads of laundry (besides diapers)
*Toys put away in the living room

I also have "Wipe off dining room table" next to the stove, sink, etc., but I have to find it first.  Just like I had to find the counters.

These are the other things I decided had to be done regularly, but not every day.  More like once or twice a week.
*Trash out of bath/living room
*Floor in front of and next to toilet (a 3yo boy requires this done almost every day though)
*Bathroom sink
*Bathroom counter
*Wash towels (kitchen and bath)
*MOP the kitchen
*Scrub the grout in the kitchen/hall/bath
*Vacuum living room
*Vacuum hall
*Tidy bedrooms
*Trash out of bedrooms
*Vacuum bedrooms
*Wash off a shelf in the fridge (doing 4 shelves one at a time means that doing this task once a week will get the fridge cleaned throughout a month, lol)
*Menu planning
*Grocery shopping
*Double coupon Tuesdays at Walmart
*Clean out and out from under couches (it's amazing how much crap we lose in/under them!)

Truth be told, *most* of the chores are done by me.  Runner Girl does her fair share.  Little Mister helps me with laundry and cleaning up his toys.  The Rock ... I didn't assign anything regularly to him but he does help when I ask. 

Now, because I know I do coupon Tuesday at Walmart and it can take a LONG time, even though I'm not doing all of my grocery shopping on Tuesdays, I made Tuesdays a fairly light day for chores.  I also try to schedule all doctor/dentist appointments for Mondays, so that's not a super heavy day either. So I just fit the chores in and around our lives.

I started making a final category of chores but I haven't implemented them.  They are things that need done on occasion, but not even weekly. 
*Clean out from under stove (again with the losing things)
*Clean out from under and behind fridge
*Reorganize a cupboard or closet or pantry
*Baseboards/walls (obvious fingerprints, cust/ cobwebs, etc.)

I made a master list and assigned everyone (except The Rock and the baby) some chores.  The last two days, I've made a little list for Runner Girl and one for me and we cross things off as we do them throughout the day.  Little Mister follows me around to do his. 

So that's that!


Leslie said...

Great info! Thanks. I think my life is due for some reorganization.

Alyssa said...

Wow... Your list is awesome.. Mine is too simple, maybe I should redo mine... So on the grout...We are retarded and picked out a light color (totally stupid)..Mine is so gross looking. I mop on a everyother day basis (Nana) but I don't do the grout...I have scrubbed it once since we moved up here over two years ago...So don't worry to much about it...And I have a bottle of grout cleaner if you want to use it!! But good job!! Yay for our more organized lives!!