Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's a Miracle!

I made it back to the gym tonight.  I even got there early enough to say boo to Carlos. He said he missed me.  awwww.

OK, last week?  Big fail.  I got sick, the kids were sick, everyone was miserable, and Runner Girl had a play she was in so I had no one to play with Little Mister while I went to the gym.  Then, because I got so sick and the babies were sick and wouldn't let me put them down for anything, I didn't get more videos done.

BUT, I went back tonight.  I did a leg workout and the elliptical for a while.  Still have some tweaking to do of my playlist (I have a dumb MP3 player), but it helped to have some happy music to keep me going.

And now I'm ready to shower and go to bed.  Legs make me very, very tired.


steph k said...

good girl. :) keep it up!

Jessica G. said...

Would you share your playlist? I need some good motivational tunes!