Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wednesday workout

I'm home from the gym but am going to do some cardio here pretty soon. Just wanted to make a quick post to say I did work out tonight! Did the workout that Carlos outlined for me, though I will admit to not doing one of the exercises as long as I was able to a couple of nights ago. I may have to up my weights soon because some of them are getting easier. WEIRD. heh.

However, I am still working on trying to correct the diet portion of this equation. I just ... I love junk food. Period. Greasy burgers, fries, ice cream, pizza, sugar in most forms, pepsi, vanilla coke, starches, breads ... It isn't exactly an accident that I weigh as much as a small whale*, you know?

I met with a nutritionist Monday and have asked advice from the trainer. I just ... wow. Nights are so hard. I worked third shift for so many years, my body is just used to not sleeping before 2 a.m. so I stay up late every night. And nighttime? My worst time for cravings and wanting to eat those foods that are supposed to be "occasional" but are "all the time" for me. And you know, when the babies are crying and the preteen is being, well, a preteen, I just don't care! I want the chocolate and grease! And I haven't figured out yet how to overcome any of this.

My goal this week (after Thanksgiving, of course) is to eat clean during the day and evening and nothing after 9 p.m. (except a protein shake before/after the workout), tracking every single thing I put in my mouth and when so I know where I'm losing it and where I'm okay.

*gross exaggeration. really, really gross.

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Kristina P. said...

Adam is going to the gym this morning. Boo.

Hang in there! Eat lots of pie today. That will make you feel better. :)