Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Surgery

We met with the surgeon today and the surgery has been scheduled for December 17th. We will be starting her Christmas break a week early, though I may see if she has a choir performance and/or class party and take her back for those things.

Anyway, because of her extra foot bones, he can't do everything that needs to be done on both feet at the same time because she wouldn't be mobile for 4 weeks. Her left foot is worse and has the bigger extra bone, so he will be doing the arch implant on that side and removing the bone, then putting it in a cast. He will do the arch implant on the right side as well, and she should be able to walk with a crutch (I think) in a few days. We will play it by ear as far as taking out the other extra bone in the fuutre, but she doesn't have so much pain on that side.

They got it all set up with the hospickle and the insurance, though I will call the insurance to double check in a couple of weeks.

And me? I hurt everywhere today. I didn't think I'd worked out that hard last night, but man, I'm feeling it today! I'm supposed to do cardio and abs tonight, but I may just do a cardio video at home instead of trying to climb on the elliptical. We shall see.

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