Monday, August 5, 2013

Dear "Bros" in the Gym:

I used the power rack at the gym today.  I realize that is traditionally male-only equipment, but you know what, I don't give a crap what you all think of me.  I realize I outweigh all of you, and I realize you can all out-lift me.  I'm new on this journey, and I'm fine with where I am.

I am OK with setting up the rack and my own weights.  I am just fine handling all of that on my own.  I don't need your pity or your help setting up my equipment.

I am not OK with how many of you tried to intimidate me today.  I am not OK with the blatant staring, snickers, and sidelong glances while I completed my sets.

After I finished using the rack, I re-racked my plates and barbell.  And you all just kept watching.  Maybe because none of you re-racks your equipment.  Maybe ...

But then?  When I was working in a different area of the gym entirely, one of you came over and dropped 110 pound dumbbells right next to me.  Literally dropped them.  Next to me.

Can you read the sign that says not to drop them?  Just to re-rack them?

No?  Oh, OK.  You're too busy trying to intimidate a woman for daring to leave the cardio machines and enter the man-zone.

And then there was the butt head who had to "fix" his dumbbell.  On the bench I had just been using.  Right next to my face.

His friend got after him for that one, and for that, I thank the friend.

Hey, jerk faces, I pay the same fees you do to use the gym.  I have every right to use the equipment without being harassed.  And it's none of your business whether I'm fat or "thick" or what my goals are, which are to get stronger and lose fat.  So I lift the weights.  And I'm not worried about what you think of me.

So do the world a favor and get over yourselves, because I'm not going anywhere.  And guess what?  I'm encouraging every woman I know to go to the weight room at her gym too.  You just might find yourselves outnumbered.  Some day.


steph k said...

LOL.... and that's why I love The Pit. I've been there long enough that the guys know me and love me. The newbs just have to learn to stay out of my way.

stewbert said...

haha! Is that the gym in south Orem where I went that one time? It was pretty cool working out there.

I never had this happen at Gold's, but I live pretty far out in the boonies now. This is the only gym close to us. They're just going to have to get over it.