Wednesday, July 31, 2013


yeah.  I just realized I have a final tomorrow, 3 math exams in the next 10 days, and two huge English assignments.  By 8/9.

And VOD turns 14 on Saturday.


What was that I said about pacing yourself?


Ooo.  I took that final tonight instead.  A in that class.  Wahoo.

So the plan and hope is that while I'm taking an "internet" break (really, breaking from FB and forums) I can still get my workouts in and finish up my last two classes, and celebrate VOD's birthday in TARDIS style.  My elbow has been bothering me a bit the last two days, so I skipped today and will hit the gym tomorrow and Saturday instead of my regular Wed/Fri schedule.  Maybe I'll do some yoga at home tonight ...

Peace out people.

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