Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What's New With Us

I haven't been posting regularly, I know.  It's sort of been not my focus.  I have several others at the moment.

First, in May we found out we are pregnant.  Again.  The baby is due in February but likely will arrive toward the end of January.  We find out gender on Wednesday, if Bean cooperates.

Second, I ended up transferring to a state school to get my nursing prerequisites finished.  This term, I am taking 14 credits.  That will leave me with 2 more classes left to do before I apply for nursing school next fall.

Third ... We found out on August 31 that The Rock qualifies for a great rate on a mortgage.  The next day, we found a house we both love and so do the kids.  We put in an offer and came to a price agreement that day.  Two days later, we changed mortgage companies.  Three weeks to the day after changing companies, he signed the closing paperwork.  The most amazing part of that time frame is that it went through the USDA to qualify for a rural housing loan, and they often take up to 2 weeks to get loans approved.  They had ours for 3 or 4 days.

We move on Saturday!

The house is 2200 square feet, twice the size of the old condo and more than twice the size of our apartment.  It has technically 7 bedrooms, but only 4 will be utilized as such.  One is big enough to be a play/TV room.  Another will be a workout/sewing room.  And the smallest is going to be storage.  Both front and back yards are fully fenced, so that's awesome too!  And I think we're all terribly excited for the fact that there are two full baths!  haha!

Between pregnancy, school, moving, kids, The Rock, gestational diabetes, and trying to still maintain some sense of self, I'm a bit swamped.

I'd better get to class!  Tonight's chemistry class is a study prep for the test Thursday.  Eeep!


Jessica G. said...

Wow! You've been hit with a lot all at once! At least it's all good stuff, right? We've been thinking about moving for months but can't seem to find the right place. Congrats on adds to the number of frootloops!

Kristina P. said...

You are a baby incubator!

SRA said...

I think you have very good reasons for not blogging often. Congrats on the new baby and new house. Great stuff!

*ehu. said...

Wow!!! You've been crazy busy!! Congratulations on the new baby news!!! Can't wait to see this new cutie of yours!!

steph k said...

I don't think you told me about the baby. :-P or maybe you did and I forgot. I am terrible at remembering things this year. Still, congrats all around. :D