Saturday, October 6, 2012

We had our ultrasound! And we moved.

The last two weeks have been BUSY.

First, the ultrasound.  We're having another boy!  We feel so blessed and Little Mister is so stinking excited to be getting a brother!  Bean is right on dates for growth and everything looks good.  I'll be visiting with perinatology next week since I'm high risk, and we'll get to see Bean again.

And!  We moved!  In addition to my sister and her family, our old neighbors helped clean, pack, and load the truck.  A couple of friends came to help clean the apartment, too.  Some of the new neighbors came and unloaded the truck.  It was a very long but good weekend.  And I can walk normally again ... well, normally for a pregnant lady.  I'm not gimping around, so I'm recovered a bit from all the hard work of packing, moving, and shampooing carpets!

The new house is wonderful -- there is room for the kids to play, room for The Rock to sleep and have a dark, quiet space of his own, room for me to have a craft room, etc.  We're still mostly in boxes since I'm so busy with school and everything else, but it's coming along.  My folks have been helping out and we are so grateful for all the help we've received through this process.

As far as school goes, I got 103% on my first chemistry test.  That made me feel better.  My human growth and development class had a test the other night but I wasn't able to get there, so I emailed the teacher about it.  Just waiting to hear back and hope that I can take a makeup test.  I have half a chapter of math to finish tonight and a few chapters of nutrition so I can take a math test tomorrow and a nutrition test this next week.  Good times!

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Jessica G. said...

Woot! BABIES! I love babies! Especially when other people are having them. Congrats on all the big news!