Monday, October 3, 2011


So, readers, I want to know what motivates you.  What inspires you to create, make changes, or just inspires you period. 

Is it sad that I haven't been as motivated as I want to be to lose weight?  Not until some friends started a little competition involving money.  Now I'm exercising and eating better, though I know it's a long shot and I'm definitely not the best at this.  But still.  It's motivating me. 

I need some inner motivation, because this thing is only a month and I don't want to backslide at all.  Hm.

While the day is still nice, I'm taking Little Mister and Baby Girl to the park -- I drove the kids to school, fed the little ones, got The Rock off to school, changed the dishwasher, changed the laundry (twice), took the trash out, swept the kitchen, and vacuumed the living room.  I think I've earned a break.


MamaBear said...

second try. i was signed in on my school email account.

one thing that motivates me is getting to wear cute shoes again. i know, shallow.

the other thing is i am starting to feel the effects of aging. i have learned in pathophysiology that exercise helps to slow this process (along with eating well, not smoking, and something else i forget). so i'm super motivated!

except it's HARD to get out of bed in the morning. explain to me how to do that and we'll be halfway there!

christmasbaby said...

What motivates me? HMMM I am going to be 50 at the end of next year and I want so bad to be in the best shape of my life. My son is getting married next September as well. Going through the scare of ovarian cancer gave me a wake up call that I really needed. Obesity contributes to that and I want to see my grandkids' weddings and their kids. I want to be the rocking "hot" grandma!! :)

Someone once told me that when you lose 5 pounds and think its only 5 pounds, go to the store or your cupboard and pick up a 5 pound bag of sugar. Now that is a good wake up call. It motivates me.

My last motivation is that I am sick of being sick and tired!

kadyb said...

Getting out of bed in the morning. Hmmm. I have always hated getting up in the morning. It's genetic, Jen. But, when I started working full-time, I had to get up every morning, get showered, and go to work. It was just part of life and has been for 25 years. Since I retired, I've tried to keep the alarm set at 6:30 and get up. I do pretty well - it makes the day go better if I get my shower early (before the grandkids need the bathroom for school or church). I don't make it every day, but I think I'm at about 95%. Being productive and having a peaceful day are my motivators for doing that.

Lindsay Anderson said...

OK, I totally lack enough motivation to stick with something that works too! I get excited about something, but lose steam until 3 or 4 weeks later. How is THAT productive to reach my goals?! It isn't! I have a friend, Matt Stearmer, who has been posting his success on f/b. He's been doing really well too. He would welcome a friend request if it would/could help you! Right now he is working on "Matt Stearmer I don't really have much of a program as it were. I've not excluded any food completely. But I do have some general guidelines that I've been following.

I eat lots of veggies and complex carbs like beans. Lots of beans. I eat very little sugar, and when I do, I try to eat it after exercise. I eat very little wheat (especially refined) or rice products (simple carbs). I treat them like sugar. I do not pay too much attention to exact proportions, but looking over my food diary it looks like it is about 40-50% carbs, 30-40% protein and 20-30% fat. I eat meat minimally. I've not gone vegetarian, but I have tried to reduce my meat consumption. I only average about 2-4 oz a day at the most. Most of the protein comes from shakes and beans.

I don't know if it makes a difference or not, but I've tried to eat lots of organic foods. I'm not sure that the hormones used in other foods is really that bad, but I figure fewer hormones in my diet certainly can't be bad.

I exercise in the morning walking the girls to school for about 30-40 minutes, and then I run stairs for 20-30 minutes (or some intense exercise for the same time period - like the 100 workout). I do some yoga to relax and keep my back strengthened to avoid injury. I try to walk/run at least a half hour in the evening, or do some form of light calisthenics just to keep the metabolism up throughout the whole day. And at work I try to stand more than sit.

It sounds a little more complicated than it really is. Most of it I just do through out the day and I do not spend a whole lot of time doing extra stuff. The girls already have to walk to school. I just do it with them. I already have to wait 30 minutes for Conner to be ready to go from football practice, so instead of sitting I walk/run.

I fix a few meals to eat consistently throughout the week on my own, and do the evening meal with the family. Most of the time I just eat what they are eating, but maybe just a smaller portion with a nice salad.

Oh, and lots of spicy food:)

Integrating it into my life is the only way that it seems to work well for me. If I have some complicated routine (food or exercise wise) I just do not stick with it very well.

Honestly I think that it is the consistency, both throughout the day and consecutive days that really matters."

He has been posting everyday his progress. I notice a BIG difference in his pictures. He has really tried so many different things that he has figured this is what worked for him. I think the big thing here is to pretend to like it until you do like it. Matt didn't give up, he kept trying different programs until his body finally told him what worked.

SO, DON'T GIVE UP!!!!!!! I love you!