Monday, October 24, 2011

I got roses today, from a much younger man

My sister, mom, and dad watched my two littles this morning while I took my science final (which I passed!).  When I pulled up at lunchtime with bags of food and some drinks, my son ran up to me holding a beautiful red rose he'd picked and said, "Mom!  I have a flower for you!"  He handed it to me, I inhaled the sweet fragrance and thanked him.  He showed me the beautiful pink rose he'd picked for himself and we went inside and ate lunch.  He kept saying, "Mom!  You missed me?"  It was really sweet, and baby girl held onto me like it had been forever since she'd seen me.

I would post pictures, but when we got back to our van to go home, he couldn't find his pink rose and asked if he could have my red one back.  I couldn't deny such an innocent request.  He fell asleep in the van, clutching the poor flower, and when we got home, he smashed it under his little body while he slept on the couch.

As soon as he woke up, he handed the now-wilted rose back to me ... it's sitting her, flat, next to my computer.  A sweet gesture from a sweet boy who missed his mama today.

I hope I remember how sweet he really is the next time he throws something at the baby or hits me in frustration for being told no!


MamaBear said...

love. nothing like it. (love this!)

musicmom said...

Ahhhh!! So glad you posted this. It is nice to have these moments documented so we can re-read them over and over again.
Sounds like you are doing great at school. YOu are amazing. keep up the good work. :)