Sunday, March 13, 2011

What a week

Runner Girl had her followup at the foot doctor on Monday and is cleared for any and all physical activities.  We had planned to start training, but guess what?  We are all sick.  Nasty stuff.  I went to the doctor and got drugs, and then Little Mister had to have a filling done ... well.  He chewed his lip while it was numb and it got seriously infected, so now he's on meds too.  So far, Bitty and Runner Girl are the least sick of all of us. 


OK, so I'm done with my free sessions with the other trainers.  I won't lie, cost is a factor in me not continuing on with them, but the bigger problem?  My consistency got shot to heck while I was traveling so far to train, and so did my diet, because it was right during dinner and no one was helping cook because the littles required so much attention.  My commute added an hour onto my training time, so I was gone for about two hours every time I went.  The littles freaked out and were not having any of it when I tried to go out the next night to just do cardio.  They seem to do better at home and with me leaving if I am only gone 45 to 60 minutes and I do it every night. 

It's all about balance and priorities, and while my health is one of my top priorities, so are my babies.  I have to take care of them, too.  So, starting tomorrow, I am back to Gold's with a bunch more exercise ideas.  Tonight, I'm going to plan out what I'm doing this week, diet and exercise wise, and see what happens. 

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Jessica G. said...

I hear ya on the consistency...just when I got into the habit working out and starting to really like it, I sprain my ankle all to heck. Now I'm out for at least a week.