Monday, November 4, 2013

A month of gratitude

Yeah.  Right.  I'm going to do it all at once!  Then I can be grumpy and ungrateful the rest of the month.  ha.

1.  Yesterday was my husband's birthday and I'm thankful he's another year older.
2.  Our 5 beautiful children.
3.  Our home.  We were very blessed to move where we live now -- our home is perfect for our family and so is our neighborhood and church family.
4.  I'm really, REALLY thankful I was accepted into the nursing program at my university.  I start in January and have a ton to do before then.
5.  I'm thankful for my Savior, Heavenly Father, the Holy Spirit, and their glorious gospel.
6.  I'm thankful for good friends, too.
7.  Exercise.  I am not as consistent as I need to be right now, but it has improved my health a lot just over the last few months, and I feel better when I do it.
8.  The internet.  I can stay connected to friends and family who are far away, take a quiz or exam, or watch stupid movies while I work on #9.
9.  Yarn crafts -- crocheting specifically at the moment.  I was able to finish a baby blanket for the school's annual fundraiser auction, and it took all of my volunteer hours for the year, so yay.
10.  My mother and her beautiful voice.  I miss hearing her sing, but I was able to listen to her sing while she conducted music at my niece's baptism yesterday.
11.  My family of origin and my husband's family of origin as well.  We may not always get along, but love is always there.
12.  Modern medicine and "other" medicine, including essential oils.  They each have their place and role in our society today.  (and trust me, I'm a skeptic about a lot of things, but have seen some amazing things with the oils recently!)
13.  Modern appliances!
14.  Two functioning vehicles.  They are both older (1995 and 1999) but they are paid for and they run well.
15.  A good mechanic.  Because even though they run well, the cars are still old and still need things fixed here and there.
16.  Good therapists.  I just cannot emphasize this one enough.  haha!
17.  Food.
18.  That I can cook a variety of dishes, and most of the time, do it well.
19.  My children love each other, even when they drive each other crazy.
20.  The new gas cap for the van was only $7.43.
21.  Prime instant video and free shipping!
22.  ICE.  I drink a lot of water, but only if I have ice.  (and I just dumped a 32-ounce cup of ice water all over my room ... hahahahahaha.  still thankful for ice!)
23.  An understanding teacher who said he would still let me take the quiz after the deadline because I missed it over the weekend.  (I was not the only one.)
24.  A working oven.  I popped dinner in the oven and walked away ... it smells good.  (Yes, I am hungry while typing this post.  Why do you ask?)
25.  Every one of the speed bumps and obstacles we've hit this year, because we have learned something from them.
26.  Hope.
27.  Inner peace.
28.  Love.
29.  Joy.
30.  Enthusiasm.

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