Sunday, May 19, 2013

Up to my neck in Physiology

I'm finishing up the prerequisites for the nursing program at my university.  Taking physiology and math this summer, as well as a writing class and a research class which kind of go hand in hand.  I'm brilliant for scheduling them that way without even realizing just how beneficial they will be for each other.  haha!  Here's hoping I get into the nursing program next year.

Bean was born in January, a month early, and is now 4 months old.  His birth was traumatic but we both have recovered pretty well.  He charms everyone we meet and he is the sweetest, smiliest, easiest baby!  It's been so great these last few months, being home with him and the two littles.  They've adjusted pretty well to having him around, but CAT (the toddler) still acts out at times, just for attention.  

The week before his birth, The Rock had a really serious breakdown and was on a medical leave of absence for nearly 3 months.  He's been back to work for almost 2 months now and seems to be doing OK.  He still has his moments,  but so do we all.  

VOD is finishing up 8th grade, which seems so crazy to me.  My step daughter will be a senior in high school in the fall!  And Little Mister starts kindergarten in the fall, too!  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.  Life marches on, I guess.  

I hear screaming.  I'd better go check and  see if anyone is bleeding. 

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