Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Bitterness of Sugar

I know what you're thinking.  "Bitter?  Sugar?  Come on ... it's sweet!"  or you're thinking something like it.

I did a little experiment the other night, after having been sugar free for FIVE days, eating really healthy and lots of fruit and veggies, feeling really good.  Yep, I was an idiot, and I tried sugar.  I had three tiny cookies and a piece of chocolate.  Sadly, that was a *little* sugar for me, a sugar fiend through and through.

The next morning rolled around ... I had a raging headache which turned into a migraine throughout the day, so I drank some Pepsi with my headache medicine to kill it.  The stroller broke while the kids were out and when I got to them, they started asking for ice cream.  So we got some.  I ate a cone, which, in all honesty, was less ice cream than I normally would have eaten.

About this time, I was feeling lousy and tired and frustrated. It was dinnertime, so we got Mexican takeout. Really? From bad to worse!  I was so bloated and so sick the rest of the night, and I've been super cranky since the cookies and chocolate.  It was NOT a good thing.  And it was all triggered from a smidge of sugar.

Today, I still feel bloaty and gross from all of that, but oddly enough, I don't want any sugar.  Maybe because I've learned what it does to my body and my mind.  The bitter result from eating sweets was not worth it.  I just hope I can remember that when Easter rolls around since it is my birthday this year, too. 


Leslie said...

I'm so with you. I am a sugar freak as well, and I usually feel like it's impossible to not indulge. Good job for going as long as you did without it! I think the longest I've ever gone is a day. And then the next day I ate a week's worth of sugary junk. At least now you know you can do it and that the effects are worth it!

steph k said...


Jessica G. said...

And this is why I have never stopped eating sugar. :) Kicking caffeine was hard enough, plus throw in the fact that I'm a cake decorator and am paid to dump sugar into everything...I'm doomed.