Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Back in the trenches

We've been intending to start running again so that Runner Girl can get in shape for her cross country season this fall, but wow, it got cold and snowy again and my littles hate being cold.  Not dragging them out in that.

And I think I injured my hip somehow because it hurts a lot.  And has been almost every day for a while.

So I haven't been to the gym in a LONG time.

I did decide to get serious about the diet though.  I am on day 3 of no sugar, no Pepsi, and I feel pretty good other than the dull headache and mood swings here and there.  I've been eating more veggies and whole grains and fruits.  Weird how if you're not filling up on junk you want good food.

Anyway, I walked with the kids to the park today. Runner Girl ran part of the way and her stride looks amazingly better. Hoping we get to go tomorrow too, so she can get more running under her belt and, hey, my hip still hurts but I FEEL better getting out and moving.

Hopefully I quit hurting so much once I lose some weight because, well, this sucks.

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