Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Weekend

Runner Girl went to DisGrace's after school on Friday. When I picked her up, DisGrace said that Runner Girl was supposed to run 3 miles over the weekend. Apparently it was in a note from the coach that Runner Girl still hasn't given to me, which was handed out on Wednesday. We hadn't purchased her new running shoes (which the coach told me on Thursday were a must) and I planned to do that on Saturday, so Friday was a wash for running.

Saturday afternoon, we found some running shoes at Famous, and I picked up some Sketchers Shape Ups. I don't run and my cross trainers give me shin splints when I walk on asphalt or pavement. So I asked the gals at Famous what would work for the elliptical and treadmill AND the street, and they showed me these. They were more money than I wanted to spend, but they were doing a BOGO half off sale, so I went with it.

Between Bitty and Little Mister vying for my attention, we didn't manage to get out after we got home Saturday, so Runner Girl had to do her weekend's 3 miles on Sunday. I took her out a few hours before church and we went about 1.5 miles. I was wearing Bitty in a wrap and Little Mister was in the stroller, so I was walking and Runner Girl was running and jogging. I had her turn back at the end of every block and run back to me, then turn around and keep going. After we finished, she stretched well and then we all got ready for church. Except The Rock. He was having a bit of a bipolar crash combined with a cold. Awesome.

After church, The Rock took Runner Girl back out and they finished her 3 miles.

The good news is she finished and said the new shoes helped a lot. So did the personal instruction from her coach about running on the balls of her feet. She wasn't in pain and she wasn't as tired. Bonus! And my butt and legs are feeling the Shape Ups a bit tonight!

Food-wise, we haven't been doing very well of late. But now when Runner Girl asks for something like soda or I think, "Man, I want ice cream," I have a reason to say no. Saying, "You're in training," usually stops the craving in its tracks. Weird how that works!

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