Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Fridger Raider

I'm a SAHM for the moment. I worked at home for the last 7 years and was a SAHM before that, and will probably be a WAHM again soon. I love being home with my babies and being here when Runner Girl gets home from school. BUT there is one thing that makes this very B.A.D.

The Fridger Raider.

I AM The Fridger Raider.

I walk by the fridge every time I throw something in the trash. So I open it. Almost every time. I open it every time Little Mister wants a drink. I open it every time he wants a snack. I open it when preparing everyone's meals. And every time I open it, I look for something to eat or drink. And I eat it. Usually a lot of it. The Rock is the same way.

Okay. How to banish The Fridger Raider forever!!! or at least until I have to get someone's juice.

In our new apartment, the fridge is much smaller than the fridge we had in our condo. Which is great! That means there is less space for produce to get lost, and less room to store more food.

On the top shelf of our fridge, right in the front, I keep an open bag of baby carrots. On the bottom, I keep a closed bowl of grapes that have been plucked from the vine. And in the cheese drawer, I keep string cheese. If I find myself opening the fridge and rummaging for a "snack" I grab a couple carrots or a few grapes or a cheese stick. Since there is something on every shelf, I don't keep looking beyond the little things I've stashed there. And that's my whole snack! Usually it is enough to make me not eat anything else. Even if that something isn't bad for me, I don't need to eat 12 peanut butter sandwiches a day (not that I've done that or anything).

Seriously?? It took me this long to figure this out. There are reasons I've been so fat!

Maybe baby carrots aren't your thing, but you like cherry tomatoes or broccoli crowns or celery! with laughing cow light cheese! or hummus! if you find yourself becoming The Fridger Raider in the afternoon, instead of pulling out the makings for a grilled cheese sammy, grab a few veggies from the crisper and see if that sends The Fridger Raider away!

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