Friday, December 6, 2013

Blessings in Disguise

It's still a bit unreal to me, but my kitchen sink fell off a week before Thanksgiving.

You read that right.

It fell off.

Seven days before Thanksgiving.

Granite countertop + stainless steel undermount sink + bad install = no more kitchen sink.


My sweet husband and I worked on the project together to get all the old adhesive off, chiseling our way through, cleaning up the sink and the counter, buying adhesives and tools and lumber and chasing the kids out of the kitchen for a week.  And we finished re-installing it the day before Thanksgiving.

As sad as this might sound, this is the first project we have really worked on together.  Ever.

It turned out to be some amazing timing for us.  My husband has admitted that, even a few months ago, he wouldn't have worried about doing it right away, and we both know I would have gotten beyond angry and called my dad and brother-in-law to come fix it before too long.

As it was, we worked well together.  We were kind and respectful to each other, shared ideas, and discussed things calmly and rationally.  We actually had fun working together and enjoyed the collaboration.  Again, that would not have happened just a few months ago.

This last year has been extremely difficult, but in the trials and difficulty, we have been so blessed.  We have grown closer to one another and are working to overcome patterns of behavior in which we have both been enmeshed.  Our marriage is far from perfect, but we are figuring things out and working and progressing and growing ... together.

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