Saturday, July 5, 2014

Nail Biters, UNITE!

I have a secret.

I used to bite my nails.

All throughout my childhood until I was a teenager, when a mishap broke off my front tooth.  My mom took me to the dentist, and they put on a cap.  Biting my nails just never "felt" right after that.  (Other nail biters will understand this.)

Even after that, for years, I did bite my cuticles.  Fingers always in my mouth.  It was gross.  They were cracked and bled and it was so embarrassing.

Here's a beautiful thing:

That's after wearing Jamberry wraps for a few weeks.  Can you see how healthy my cuticles are?  How long my nails (except the thumb) are?  Never happened before Jams.

Here's some pictures of fellow nail biters.

That is a friend, who had been biting her nails for 50 years.  After 2 weeks, she took off her Jams ... and started biting her nails again.  They went right back on.

Do you see how amazing that is?  Same hand, just a couple weeks apart.

On the left is day one, but technically she's been wearing samples for a little while.  On the right is day 34.  FIVE weeks!

Can you see how all of their cuticles look so much healthier after just a few weeks?

Jamberry nail wraps change lives more than just financially.  Wraps can free you from embarrassment about your nails and hands.  I know that sounds silly to some of you.  But to those who bite their nails or chew their cuticles, it can change your life and that embarrassing habit can go fly a kite.